Friday, November 21, 2008

Do The Regionals Benefit?

With the largest US Bank looking very much like it's going under, I was wondering where all those deposits will go. As an investor in HCBK, I'm hoping there. But do you think that other smaller banks will benefit?

It's going to be a scary weekend if C goes under. Look for a press release to be put out before Asian markets open Sunday night. I wanted to take off next week, but just can't with the markets at their lows. Like I said a couple of days ago, we're gonna get one of those monster short-squeezes soon and I want to be massively long for it when it comes.

Also, this weekend I'll work on a post to describe my evening last night. I dined with Traders B, D, E, K, N, P, and Z. I'm hoping to begin a series of interviews with each trader in the office. Developing...

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Anonymous said...

Everything I've read indicates regionals and community banks are doing well in this environment. They avoided junk mortgages and are now benefiting from increased deposits.

Long term I would think they are good investments, but the big boys are going to drive the market as long as they exist, which won't be long.