Friday, November 14, 2008

David Guetta - "The World is Mine"

Ummm... NSFW. Apparently, "Trader N" is the resident pervert of the RO. Anyway, maybe he just likes the song...


David said...

I just discovered your blog. Can you fill me in with a little background?

I assume your work at a prop shop somewhere?

What kind of P&L goals are you guys shooting for?

Are you levered or de-levered?

Do traders have free reign to trade whatever they like?

Any stats you want to divulge about how many guys at your firm are sucessful or not over a year period? Let alone real stats on average performance, blah blah blah...

Some context on your posts, without personal details, would be interesting.

newequity said...

He shoots for the stars and misses everyday.