Friday, October 10, 2008

A View From The NYSE

Over on Ray's blog, (he's a big fan of Dinosister, btw) I asked him what the feeling has been like on the exchange in the last few days. He offered this very eloquent response.

I'm usually there for the open and the close, and the faces I see at those times are driven, intently watching and working the news stocks. There's a sense that the news is huge every day, and that it's all around us, from the feds, from the companies, from overseas, all at the same time. People are walking a little faster and talking both a little faster and a little louder. The sound of a broker tapping a stylus on his wireless order-management device is a little more staccato. Brokers seem like they've got a lot more orders to work, or bigger orders. There are more and bigger crowds around specialists. It feels like people are in overdrive.


bloggerdotcom said...

Buy GS here, IMO.

Bluedog said...

Thanks for sharing that, DT. At NDAQ (in comparison), there was only the quiet humming of computers and blinking lights. lol.

Dinosister said...

I have a fan? Maybe he likes my music choices. I have a great one if you need an 80's post - let me know,lol