Thursday, October 9, 2008

The View From 1987

Big hair, big nails, and big swings in the market.


Rob said...

HA! you use

You probably listen to Dr. Joe Reed too.

namie pamie

Dinosaur Trader said...

Fuckhead, first of all, it's "namby pamby."

Second, I just copied the link from some guy over at "the Fly's" site.

Meanwhile, I use esignal for my charts... I wish I could find something better, because that shit is slow.

What do you use, Mr. Tough Guy?


Rob said...

haha i was just trying to add some flame to your t'was a joke son :)

I do agree that e-shitel sucks big fat hairy horse cock but you are unclear as to what is slow, the data feed or the application itself. So until you get your head out of your ass and figure out what the fuck you are talking about i can be of no assistance.

Mr. Tough Guy

Dinosaur Trader said...

This is great. Perhaps this blog is too nice and needs more flame...

Listen, I may not be a "first-tier" blogger, but don't think I can't find out where you live and melt your house.

Esiggy blows. If I click on any active stock, even SPY lately, it hiccups and slows to a crawl before I get the normal speed again.


Rob said...

Maby you wouldn't have a seventh-tier blog if you would actually be who you are instead of rehashing CNBC or pasting links to bullshit charts from other third-tier blogs.

I think i might start a blog called therapy flaming. Then, several months into it i will claim that i need to "rethink" what it is i originally intended to accomplish by starting it and then go on a month long hiatus only to find that, boo hoo, almost everyone is gone. Is this getting too real?

Back to your original question real-time quoting systems have not fared to well with the significant increase in volatility and there have been numerous complaints about all brokers/data feeders freezing and being slower than Palin trying to find her glasses (hint: there on her head).

I have found that picking the lesser of the evils IB(ninja trader), opentick(ninja trader), and esignal works most of the time.

Your computer might be slow too what are its specs?

Dinosaur Trader said...


Indeed, you know how to hurt a man. However, I'll let you know, my readership is back, thanks to the market shitting itself.

I will make a post about computer specs and trading stuff, because this seems to be a hot topic in my office.

Have a good close. I've enjoyed this flaming banter...


Rob said...

You too bro, i too have enjoyed this flaming. Glad you can take it. And to let you know, i have read your blog since (almost) day one.

Now hold onto your keyboard because i am going margin call or millionaire on this close!

Jorge said...


eSiggy's not the only one. I'm on TOS and I haven't had a good steady data stream since this death spiral began. Meh.

Pete said...

esig is awesome imo on charts

make sure u set the defaults on ur chart to limited time frames for back data to speed them up and clear any old charts of any trendslines or drawing tools u use.

quick fix is to cheaply juice up the box w/ an extra gig or two of ram