Friday, October 3, 2008

Larry Kudlow And Dennis Kneale Should Be Unemployed

Why are they still on CNBC? I mean, for the last year, all I remember is Dennis Kneale telling people that we were "talking ourselves" into a recession and Larry Kudlow telling everyone that the "Goldilocks economy" was alive and well.

People are so pissed off at Wall Street, how about getting pissed off at the right wing propagandaists on CNBC who have been pushing the Bush Administration's economic talking points during this crisis?

Just wondering.

(Meanwhile, anyone know how I could get their pictures side by side?)


bloggerdotcom said...

I think both pix together are too wide, hence the "wrapping".

youtube vids fit perfectly (since blogspot and YT are google properties). You'll notice that YT vids are 425 in width.

Make sure both pix are 425 or less in width taken together. That should do it.

Dinosaur Trader said...

You da man, BDC.


ShortBus said...

BDC is correct, width of blogger column in your template is too narrow. You can change your template to widen the column, as almost everyone has a huge monitor these days.

Easiest way is too choose a new template which is designed for wide screen viewing. Otherwise you have to know HTML. I know HTML well.

You also have a br HTML tag in the source which explicitly makes the pictures go onto a new line.

Anonymous said...

Another option is to paste both photos into the same paint file (if you use a Microsoft PC) and modify then into a singe JPEG that way. Really easy.

Dinosaur Trader said...

Thanks, guys. I'll get this shit down so the blog isn't so obviously third-tier.