Sunday, October 12, 2008

Dinosaur Trader "Premium Content"

Because some of you have asked, I thought I would expand the RO just this once, to show the entire office, and also to show how many trades each trader executed on Friday. I won't be publishing this data again, since honestly, I have a lot of other shit to do on a weekend. But since Friday was historic, and the RO has generated a lot of buzz, I figured I'd appease the masses.

That said, given the current crisis, and the sudden zeal for scapegoating, I'm considering changing the format of the RO away from the actual P&L figures to something more based on relative performance and a point system. I mean, can you imagine the furor if some idiot took some of these figures out of context to make a point about speculators? Call me paranoid, but the political winds are shifting, and I'm just being prudent until this all blows over.

So anyway, I'm just going to do this list in the following format... Trader, P&L, total shares traded, and total trades. From that, you can do some division and figure out average position size, profit per share, etc. Enjoy!

Trader B, $299,723 on 1,516,780 shares traded. 5,880 trades.
Trader D, $175,271 on 1,047,600 shares traded. 3,765 trades.
Trader A, $61,677 on 588,192 shares traded. 2,258 trades.
Trader F, $41,831 on 314,800 shares traded. 1,975 trades.
Trader S, $23,140 on 119,800 shares traded. 775 trades.
Trader E, $22,010 on 229,100 shares traded. 1,361 trades.
Trader G, $14,653 on 161,000 shares traded. 1,279 trades.
Trader P, $11,009 on 495,100 shares traded. 2,122 trades.
Trader L, $10,107 on 102,200 shares traded. 669 trades.
Trader J, $8,122 on 93,000 shares traded. 714 trades.
Trader K, $5,936 on 181,200 shares traded. 964 trades.
Trader X, $5,191 on 26,000 shares traded. 149 trades.
Trader C, $3,609 on 420,300 shares traded. 1,992 trades.
Trader H, $1,570 on 500 shares traded. 1 trade.
Trader O, $649 on 26,200 shares traded. 175 trades.
Trader Q, $534 on 10,600 shares traded. 78 trades.
Trader 7, $322 on 5,200 shares traded. 67 trades.
Trader M, -$860 on 0 shares traded. 0 trades.
Trader U, -$1,064 on 0 shares traded. 0 trades.
Trader 3, -$1,289 on 5,000 shares traded. 39 trades.
Trader T, -$1,294 on 6,400 shares traded. 52 trades.
Trader R, -$1,616 on 103,482 shares traded. 650 trades.
Trader I, -$2,083 on 53,200 shares traded. 383 trades.
Trader 6, -$2,136 on 0 shares traded. 0 trades.
Trader Z, -$2,651 on 671,310 shares traded. 1,954 trades.
Trader N, -$3,046 on 23,200 shares traded. 166 trades.
Trader V, -$5,526 on 95,600 shares traded. 535 trades.

NOTE: Traders that show "0 shares traded and 0 trades" are swing accounts that didn't execute on Friday.


LK said...

Those are some awesome stats DT. I wish I could pick your brain on some more details... but I know many don't like sharing secrets :) Congrats!

Tyro said...

5,880 trades? Does that count individual executions or total orders? How many of these traders are humans and how many are bots?

Bluedog said...

Nice gain there Trader S! :)

It seems the RO trading style is scalping. I figure you had 775 trades with an average position size of 155 shares. On a 6.5 hr trading day, that's nearly 2 trades per minute all day long. Am I off base?


JayW said...

Wow, you guys do a ton of trades. What type of commission rates do you guys get?

achumpschange said...

5880, 1 trade every 4 seconds WOW. You dont have any video of any of these guys trading do you? Did you do a post explaining what the RO is? I assume its "REal Office". Saw the FYI post on the VO, but havent found anything on the RO.

coption said...

Great job in RO. Congratulations!

I don't think the trades means anything here, since a big order is always filled by pieces, and system record one trade as many trades. DT, is that right?

Dinosaur Trader said...

Just remember, I think a "trade" is counted as any time you enter an order into the system. So if I buy 500 shares of IBM, but sell 100, and then another 100, and then close the final 300, that counts as 4 trades, not one.

I'll have to clarify that tomorrow.

And BD, while there's a lot of scalping, Trader B and D both tend to build and hold positions. I don't think either would classify themselves as pure scalpers.

Tyro, there are no bots in the office, just people trading madly.


Dinosaur Trader said...


We entered our comments at the same time. I think you're correct.


Joshua said...

holy sh*t, that is an insane amount of trades. i was not expecting that at all. thanks for the extra stats. i am still trying to figure out where you live though. you surf alot, yet they are cutting trees near your house? i figure you live in jersey, maybe belmar or manasquan, but where are there enough trees to cut down unless you are in maine? i've never seen many trees at the shore.

Fredro said...

I came across your blog somehow and I don't understand what these RO trades are. Could you briefly explain what this is and who these traders are?

Bluedog said...

Thanks for the clarification DT. Nice trading.

The surf out here was crap this weekend. Hopefully you got some better waves. Futures are showing a green day tomorrow. Good luck for another run.


Dinosaur Trader said...

Okay, since there are lots of new readers hanging out lately, and welcome to you all, I'll throw a post up about what the RO is sometime today.


Jd said...

that trader 's' dood is hawt.

Jd said...

coption - actually that is not the way the execution system counts trades. If that were the case the numbers would be HUGE because when you go market on 5,000 jpm it is filled all over the place, it might literally be 2,500 trades. that is one problem with reg nms, it exploded data being sent for trades because there just aren't any big prints anymore. so when you send buy market 5,000 that counts once. Trader 'B' just trades his arse off.

coption said...

jd, you mean actually trader B did 5880 trades?

well, we will do anything to get a 300k day. i guess trader B should have some trades around 100k shares, right?

Dinosaur Trader said...


"Jd" is "Trader P." He knows all this tech stuff...

He's also really good at video games.


5holeSAVE said...

Wow - I don't know why no one is talking about this aspect yet, but MADPROPS to H for killin it on one trade!!! ELEGANT!
Talk about measured Risk:Reward...
I know you stated this somewhere DT, so my apologies, but is that "1" a roundtrip or closing a long term position?

Jd said...

BTW, I don't know my math apparently. On a 5,000 share trade maybe he gets filled in all 100s and 200s, so lets say we split the difference and say 35ish fills. so 5,800/35=165 trades, and the system counts in and out as 2 trades, so if I buy 100 and sell 100 that is two trades... Anyways he trades a LOT more than 165/2=82 trades a day, that 5,800 represents 2900 trades total, if you count one trade as entry and exit...nothing like the 2,500 I posted earlier.

TraderCaddy said...

So when they file a 1040 does he rent a truck to deliver the attachments?

Dinosaur Trader said...


No, it doesn't work like that. Since we work for a prop, our income is reported in some different way and tax time is actually pretty easy... of course, you get fucked.

Trader P could probably clarify if he wants...

Anyway, speaking of taxes, just looking at the numbers "Trader B" has put up the last 2 days... it hurts to know that he basically just wrote a check for $200k to the government.


Soulfire said...

Eye popping stats! I using to think I actively day traded on occasion when doing around 50 trades, but I can see it doesn't even come close to the RO's top dogs. It's clear that the BIG bucks come from hitting lots of singles and doubles instead of swinging for the fences.