Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Death Trading Range

So we gapped lower, had a nice little tank, then rally, and now, death.

I'm not sure how you guys are doing out there, but I always find low volume markets tough to trade. My guess is that I won't make another trade until after 3pm. Just look at the volume drying up...

Again, watch your ass. No reason to overtrade this market.

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Rob said...

Watching the volume shit the shower this quick is fucking painful. Its like an indian summer turning to 40 degree weather and then a time change all in the same week. (you probably need to live in new england to understand that last sentence) Anywhoo I am having a hard time staying in anything that keeps drifting down because i keep thinking the moment i am not watching it a huge rush of fucking volume is going to come in and take my ass the calm before the storm, only there hasn't been any storm and i am amped up for it.