Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The RO Report, "Short Sellers Are To Blame" Edition

Seriously, if these fucks think that short-sellers are to blame for the market malaise, then they have serious responsibility issues. I blame Danny.

Short sellers didn't cause these companies to over-leverage and take on shitty loans.

And nice timing, really, because after the market is down 900 points, in two days, we're due for a nice relief rally. So the regulators will look like geniuses, at least for a day.

Moving on... For those not actively trading the market, just know that the market ran 200 points from 2pm to 3pm, and then dropped 300 between 3pm and 4pm. That's not normal. The bulls tried... perhaps tomorrow they'll try harder.

Once again, the RO kicked ass. And once again, most of the gains came after 3:30. Out of 22 traders today, an astounding 21 finished gross positive, or 95%. 18 traders finished over $1,000 gross. I was #10 of 22, or nicely green.

If you're interested in joining the RO, shoot me an email. We're always looking for active traders with their Series 7 license. If you don't have the 7, or care to study for it (about a month) then don't bother writing.

Also, congrats to "Trader D" for his nice comeback after yesterday's smackdown... and also to "Trader V" for kicking ass and making the top 5.

Anyway, here are today's "bosses":

1. Trader D, $30,741 on 1.3 million shares traded.
2. Trader A, $22,264 on 244k shares traded.
3. Trader B, $20,413 on 857k shares traded.
4. Trader V, $13,168 on 109k shares traded.
5. Trader E, $9,262 on 284k shares traded.

And their manservants:

1. Trader N, -$3,716 on 35k shares traded.
2. Trader 3, $172 on 2,000 shares traded.
3. Trader L, $343 on 31k shares traded.
4. Trader G, $825 on 96k shares traded.
5. Trader O, $1,005 on 24,800 shares traded.


Danny said...

My b.

Jorge said...

If I had the time, money, and drive to actually take another exam, I'd think about shooting you an email about the RO. But the VO's 100 times better so nah.

Dinosaur Trader said...

I "sold" the VO at a pretty good time, no?