Thursday, September 18, 2008

The RO Report, "RTC Bailouts RULE" Edition

This is the kind of day that traders will remember forever. They will either remember the money they made, or think about the money they could have made, or think about the money they lost.

The RO made... and it made BIG.

Odd shit started happening when the Dow dipped below 10,500. The selling in many stocks, STT, FII, and too many others to list, hit total panic levels.

Did you see GS drop below 100 and shoot down 15 points faster than you can say, "Regulation SHO?"

That, in case you didn't notice, was panic selling... it's the type of selling that makes bottoms. Indeed, shortly after that, JPM, WFC and USB starting showing strength and the market never turned back.

Two days ago I was telling my father to buy a gun to protect himself from the hordes of crazed people that were gonna scour the suburbs of NYC in search of food. But the disease of short-term traders is acute myopia. If you're not RIGHT THERE, stuck in the exact mood of the market, then you're really not able to do your job correctly. You have to feel extreme fear and you have to experience extreme greed.

Why? Because if you don't experience and feel it, you won't know it when you see it. Today we saw extreme fear. The flipside of panic selling, is always panic buying.

Anyway, I'm not ashamed to not have made the top 5 today. I did well. The fact is, the RO is home to some expert fucking traders who risk a shitload day in and day out. Again, props to "Trader D." Don't forget, 2 days ago, he lost $60,000. You think you could lose that much and come back like he has the last two days? Trust me, that's not normal. It takes a special personality type. Needless to say, today was the best day ever for everyone in the top 5.

So out of 21 traders today, 17 finished gross positive, or 81%. An astounding 5 traders finished up over $100,000 gross, 8 finished up over $50,000 gross, and 12 finished up over $10,000 gross. I was #9 of 21, and had my best day since starting this damned blog... just.

So here you have today's top 5 "bosses."

1. Trader D, $342,763 on 934k shares traded.
2. Trader B, $196,351 on 908k shares traded.
3. Trader A, $123,231 on 934k shares traded.
4. Trader F, $118,189 on 455k shares traded.
5. Trader Z, $107,472 on 473k shares traded.

And today's top 5 "manservants."

1. Trader H, -$2,791 on 9,400 shares traded.
2. Trader V, -$989 on 108k shares traded.
3. Trader I, -$817 on 41k shares traded.
4. Trader T, -$459 on 9,000 shares traded.
5. Trader 3, $233 on 3,000 shares traded.

Again, the RO is always looking for serious traders. If you have the Series 7, or don't mind studying a month to take it, email me for information.


Jamie said...

Great stuff DT. Congrats to you and trader D!

TraderCaddy said...

Good going.

wincity said...

Very inspirational, DT.

joshtrader1 said...

hey dt
i had a decent day 8500 net but i a very dissapointed in myself. should have been a banner day
what were you trading

Sanglucci said...

Wow DT... looks like you found an office where you can learn some shit meng.. Get to work!

Ilunga said...

what's the max shares per position for your trader D?

zaur said...

I made a little over $14,000, my best day ever, but that pales in comparison to the top traders in this office... good going.

I can't swing as big a stick as I used, I got hammered to where my account was on the brink, taking huge loss on FNM bailout.

HPT said...

Dam it. I lost money today. congrats DT.

Ragin' Cajun said...

Congrats on your day DT, I too had a great day.

I may have to join forces with you over at the RO.

Dinosaur Trader said...


Just shoot me an email.

To everyone else, thanks for your congrats. Like I said to my wife tonight though, what will get me excited again is when I can make money consistently in a slow market...

But I'm not complaining.

Meanwhile, I'm not sure what Trader D's maximum position size is. He tends to trade in thousands, not hundreds.


Soulfire said...

That's what I call an awesome day!

Now you just can't intro someone like Trader D with that jaw dropping megasum earned and not expect us to want a little more 411 on

1) How long has D been day trading?
2) What are his primary weapons (indicators)? Candles? Stocahstic? MACD?

That's just a game think that it's actually possible to earn that much in one day...

MatchPointTrader said...

DT - Awesome gain man! Congratulations!!! You guys made some serious profit :).

5holeSAVE said...

Wow DT - Awesome day congrats!
Any thoughts about doing a post detailing the top 5 traders? What issues they were in, Long/Short, how many trades, and (like sf said), what's the recipe?
What was the total net day, $1.4M?

Gene said...
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TRader said...

yo whatup....trader D in the house.
ive been trading 8.5 years. I look at mostly order flow, though I do look at simple technicals on a more limited basis. I do a lot of reversals especially when shit really is hitting the fan, like's all about providing liquidity when the panic conditions lead to none. i actually made a boatload of dough at the end of the day shorting financials that went up way too far too fast (hard to believe, since we closed at the highs!). just to disclose, though I am mad ill at trading obviously, yesterday more than tripled my best day ever.

5holeSAVE said...

Trader D is a BALLER!!!!!

Dinosaur Trader said...

Indeed, that's the real "Trader D."

He says things like "mad ill" all the time.