Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Real Pigs

The whole "lipstick on a pig" thing is Republican politics in a nutshell. 2 days of bullshit media coverage while the stock market is fucked, we're starting a new Cold War, and fighting another illegitimate war. No real issues to discuss I guess?

Thank you "liberal media."

The Republicans are smart. They confuse people with bullshit and wedge issues so they forget that the stock market has been stagnant for the last 8 years, that the economy is in the tank, that your tax dollars are doing more for Iraqi families than they're doing for American families, and that, oh yeah, now the government owns your mortgage.

The Republicans do not deserve to win. Don't let them forget about the last 8 years.

Hit the real pigs back, Obama. Not with bullshit, but with the plain truth about the last 8 years. Just keep swinging, it's a fight they cannot possibly win.

Unless the "liberal media" is on their side after all.


MatchPointTrader said...

You got to admit though - It was another moment of relishing oneself with spicy news and distract from market massacre. I mean come on - even 12 year old kids don't complain like "he called me a dog\pig whatever".

Meadow Bank said...

Obama is by far the weakest canidate I have ever seen. What is his change? He wants bigger government, does not want to drill for more oil to get away from the middle east, and wants to raise taxes even more!

He has 143 days in office and before that what? He spends all his time attacking the VP. He has no plan! Both parties suck dont get me wrong but noway in hell will I vote for a guy that I am not sure even loves his country.

Palin is the best of the bunch, not from washington, understands more then Obama and McCain the middle class!

Please stop with the 8 years crap. We are safe, live in the best economy anyway where, and the standard of living is better then anytime - from techonolgy on through.

And if you think raising taxes is going to improve the market then wake up. Bush tax cuts are the only thing keeping it afloat the last 8 years.