Monday, September 29, 2008

How Do You Research Stocks?

When every single graph is completely busted?

Also, for you non-traders, this is what panic on Wall Street looks like. The Dow dropped 400 points in 5 minutes after the bailout failed.


Bluedog said...

Fundamentals... technicals... they mean shit in this market. It's all about moment to moment perception. It's best to probably put everything out of mind and just ride whatever wave comes to you.

HPT said...

I was short NQ 5 min before it dropped, but I covered before it dropped 100pts. I sat and watched in amazement,,,also kicking myself for not holding that short.

5holeSAVE said...

FEAR AND GREED. That is all that counts. Every media source in the nation is ONLY interested in selling the panic.