Thursday, September 11, 2008

AIG Crumbling

Folks, this is getting ugly fast, but oddly enough, the Dow is only down 100 points.

Eerie again.

Meanwhile, "Trader D" made a good point earlier. If the government is going to nationalize everything, why wait until the companies are going bankrupt and suck? As he put it, "why not buy Goldman now and try to make a little cheese for the taxpayers?"



Bubs said...

looks like were going positive

Dinosaur Trader said...

Well, we're definitely squeezing, but can you tell me where the leadership is?

Important financial institutions are struggling mightily... I don't see how we can close positive... unless it's just all short covering.

I remember Jesse Livermore used to cover massive shorts on bad news days.


bloggerdotcom said...

What is the general trend in a deteriorating economy - do people go back to school?

Student loans are related to the credit market and have been drying up for many months, but it's not discussed much.

I ask because a lender like STU is still over $100. Meanwhile, SLM is near 52-week lows.

Over on the college/university side, STRA is at an ALL-TIME HIGH (with a 44 P/E to boot!). Also, CECO, COCO, UTI and DV are not on 52-week low - they are closer to 52-week highs in fact.

Anyone know?

Bubs said...

agree don't see any leadership either but can't imagine shorting anything either. Made some weekend money in the morning probably going to sit on the sidelines for now.

I just started Grad School and it is definitely harder to get a loan. I didn't apply for a loan but people I talked to were getting less then what they expected and what they received in previous years.