Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The RO Report

I traded very actively today, mostly because I lost money early and had to stick around to try and make it back... luckily, I did.

In fact, that pretty much sums up the day for the RO. It was a complete and total bloodbath in the morning, with only 3 or 4 traders gross positive. By the end of the day, things got better.

Still, it wasn't exactly a great day... volume on the NYSE is officially at "summer doldrum" levels, and it's a good time to get some sun. Many traders (including me) are planning on taking off the entire last 2 weeks of the month.

Anyway, out of 22 traders today, 11 were positive, or 50%. I was #10 of 22.

Here's the top 3:

1. Trader Z, $8,605 on 114k shares traded.
2. Trader C, $6,076 on 220k shares traded.
3. Trader A, $4,845 on 223k shares traded.

And the bottom:

1. Trader B, -$22,750 on 616k shares traded.
2. Trader G, -$3,576 on 35k shares traded.
3. Trader D, -$2,504 on 372k shares traded.


sage08 said...

if i may say so, or maybe even none of my business, the RO is not you.. these guys can afford to lose 10 grand and it's like losing 100 bucks.. you'll always be in the medium range of 8-12.. besides, it's making you trade larger position to be like them and taking a bigger risk than you can swallow. come back to the vo.. hopefully, one day, well we as big as the ro but not now..

Dinosaur Trader said...


Check the archives of last July and August... your friend DT can swing with the big boys when he's on his game. However, starting last December, when my old company mindfucked me, I've had an uphill climb.

I agree with you that I won't often be in the top 3 anytime too soon while guys are consistently pulling in 10gs and up... however, I know I can get back into the thousands daily again.

And let's face it... the VO is lame.


OBAT said...


Does your real office have a physical location or are all the traders doing it remote like you. 26 traders seem kinda small for a prop firm.

Dinosaur Trader said...

Many remote traders. In fact, that's the subject of my most recent, rather cryptic, post.

I'll expand on that in time.