Friday, August 8, 2008

The RO Report

Well, another Friday, another smokefest in the RO. It was painful out there for most of the traders. Until around 3:00, less than 20% of the office was gross positive.

Luckily, things turned around somewhat, but still, it was ugly. Out of 22 traders, 12 were positive, or 54%. I was #9 of 22.

Anyway, have a good weekend. Summer is on the wane... have some fun.

Here's the top:

1. Trader A, $26,241 on 203k shares traded.
2. Trader Z, $7,165 on 191k shares traded.
3. Trader H, $4,565 on 5k shares traded.

And the bottom:

1. Trader D, -$20,129 on 610k shares traded.
2. Trader B, -$16,366 on 1.2mil shares traded.
3. Trader F, -$5,224 on 201k shares traded.


Bluedog said...

Am I reading that right... 1.2mil shares traded?!!! Holy sh**!!

Stewie said...

tough tough tough week for many fellow traders. anybody eeking out a profit this week is my hero.

wincity said...

Wonder how much commission he pays on that 1.2 millions shares? $5000? The guy is definitely a hero, at least in some sense.

Anonymous said...

At IB's .005 per share commission rate, that comes out to $6,000. I'm assuming he also has to pay charges and fees for network and software access and maintenance.


Jawbreaker said...

At my R.O. we have plenty of traders who trade similar shares amost daily and they have sliding scales for thier commissions. I also have a group of traders from MIT who run B.B.'s and do rediculous amounts of volume daily/monthly who basically pay flat rate. I see guys throw up big net numbers that get halfed after commissions also. I admire the traders who can consistantly produce big profits on medium/small side volume.

Stock Shotz said...

Tough week for our energy stocks, but I still think they rebound. We have interviewed investors Jim Rogers, Ryan Krueger, and more who believe that we are going to see higher oil prices and tough times for the consumer.

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wincity said...

I talked to Jim Rogers yesterday. He said he's too old to know anything.

Stock Gunslinger said...

He wasn't too old in March when he was first on our show and said to short the investment banks and the dollar.

wincity said...

Really. We might be talking about different Rogers then. He told me he's buying USD like no tomorrow. And he's moving back to the good old US. Said his daughters are tired of noodles and demand fries and chicken nuggets.

Stewie said...

hey wincity: what's your blog address?