Saturday, August 23, 2008

Obama loves Biden

Well, it is official. Obama is a stubborn motherfucker and has chosen Joe Biden as his running mate. While Dinosister still thinks that HILLARY CLINTON would have been the far stronger presidential candidate, the rest of democratic America was duped by Obama's smile and his hypnotic gaze.

Say what you will about Clinton, but the press slammed her and kissed Obama's ass the entire time. While I will begrudgingly vote for him in November, I will also be looking forward to watching the press rip him a new one as he stumbles and makes mistakes in public - as most humans do.

And since the press loves to prey on the mistakes of public figures, why should he be exempt?

As for Biden, I can't say anything bad against a man who, after losing his wife and young child and watching his other two children struggle to live after a horrific holiday time car accident decades ago- still takes that day off from work each year in their memory. Hopefully that is a true story about his character, and not some propaganda that the Obama Dream Machine is sending out to the masses.

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