Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The RO Report

It was a good day for the RO. I only have approximate numbers, since there's a problem with the software that generates our report. I also don't have up/down percentage... and that sucks, because it's my favorite number.

I had my best day since January today. But I was way down on the office list, as many traders made good size.

Here's the top 3:

1. 18k
2. 15k
3. 15k

And the bottom:

1. -$10k
2. -$1,500
3. -$1,000

As for the Costco post, I'm still working on it. Instead of editing it today, I got my haircut, where I witnessed two septuagenarians duke it out...

One guy was there just to get his mustache trimmed, and when the barber asked the other dude to just wait 1 minute for him to trim the dude's mustache (who arrived after the other dude, so he was technically behind him in line) a yelling match ensued. As you can imagine, I had great fun with this even though I pretended to be very interested in a 2003 issue of National Geographic. People are just silly.

As for the market, it's on crack.

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