Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The RO Report

The numbers today are staggering...

Out of 26 traders, 23 were profitable, or 88%.

Top 3 break down like this...

1. $42,549
2. $26,849

3. $22,615

The bottom 3 (the only negative numbers, in fact):

1. -$2275
2. -$325

3. -$35

I was 18 of 26.

What's amazing about the numbers today is really how broadly the wealth was spread out... 17 traders were up at least $1000 today... I was the 18th... sigh....

Oh, and no surprise... it looks like the volume is back in the market. The NYSE traded over 1.7 billion shares today.


joshtrader1 said...

These guys must be trading monster size, 10-20k shares. I made some decent money today, but nothing like that. I'm always curious what guys making sick money are doing. Do you know their style. Besides for the huge move down in oil, the market seemed to be in one of those grinding up days that unless you are willing to go long and stay long until you get burnt its hard to make money.

Dinosaur Trader said...


They do trade large size and are more comfortable letting positions trade against them... that said, often they're up pretty quickly without having too much pain lately.


joshtrader1 said...

dt, do you chat on im during day. me and the guys in my office have good ideas throughout the day and im sure you do as well. letme knw if you would like to and ill give you my im screen name

Stewie said...

awesome update DT. love to hear successes of other traders. it motivates me.