Saturday, July 12, 2008

I've Been Sick...

That's why the blogging tailed off there. We also had a very busy week here.

However, I did lose money on Friday, for the first time in over 2 weeks. Just a little... Anyway, because of that, I feel compelled to post some bad music.

So here you have it.

Now I know a lot of you are like, "But I like that song... the Counting Crows rock!" and that's exactly my point. See, that's what happened when I posted my last two bad music videos, by U2 and INXS.

Bad music is distributed and burned into our heads by excessive airplay. It's actually not good... you've just become inured to it.


S. said...

Keep this up, and I'm going to have to start secretly hoping you lose money - man, you are so 0-for-3 on so-called 'bad music'. Reminds me of the young college students who think that any movie made in Bangladesh is automatically better than anything made in Hollywood because, you know, it was made in Bangladesh!

Sure, sometimes bad music gets big way too much airtime (see Heart, Achy Breaky). Just because something is popular doesn't automatically make it 'good' (see Hop, Hip).

But sometimes music is popular because it's actually good. Given all the crap that is out there in music and TV, it's not surprising that people don't realize that the quality of TV and music at the high end of the scale has never, ever been higher, even if thae overall average level for both genres is lowered by the massive volume at the low end of the tail.

Tomer said...

DT!!! I've been surfing!
Check out my post about my first time surfing in my blog:)

Dinosaur Trader said...


I like a lot of "popular" music, so it's just not me shitting on stuff that got popular... what I can't stand is hearing the same tracks over and over on the radio.

When this song came out I didn't hate it. 10 years later, I do.

Instead of regurgitating the same crap, I wish record companies would take more risk, and highlight a more diverse set of music instead of taking one or two tracks and killing them.


S. said...

You're a trader. Do you think you should be taking on more risk? You said today, 'I had a relaxed and uneventful day. Profitable. Boring. Stable. What I'm after'.

Why should the music industry be expected to take on more risk just because their business model is different?

I agree with you that companies tend to target the lowest common denominator, cause it's probably the safest way to make money. Like how we'll trade the big boring large-caps instead of the fringe penny stocks, cause they're more action and there's usually less risk in higher numbers (i.e., volume). But just because you don't like a song anymore doesn't mean it's a bad song - it's just a song you don't like anymore. (I also have a theory that says the drunker you get, the older songs you want to listen to. A few beers, you're happy in the mid-90s. Eight or nine beers, you're definitely in the 80s big hair bands. Three sheets to the wind, you're back with Janis Joplin stuff).

Oh, and neighbor + power tools + 9pm? Justifiable homicide. No jury would convict.