Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Best Day In Months

NOV is my best, followed by shorts in RIG, V and a nice long in ACI. Biggest loser is for $25. This will have to stand as my daily post, as I have to leave now to go take my continuing education exam.

Later tonight I'll report back with my RO numbers.

And, as always, good music drops with the sun.

UPDATE: The RO had a ridiculous day, with top dog checking in at $42 grand. There was also a trader in the high 30s, a dude in the teens, and 6 other guys up over 3 grand each. Only 2 guys were negative, with the "dirt eater" in at -$3250. I was #16 of 23 traders today... insane.


Stewie said...

sounds like you been trading better lately? is it because of return of volume or something else?

fufufnik said...

hey DT,
Thought you might get a kick out of this song. If not, oh well.

Ragin' Cajun said...


you've been killing it now that the VO is gone.

Odd, no?

joshtrader1 said...

what were they trading? financials?

fufufnik said...

As I realize the link I tried to post didn't fully turn up; the song I was recommending to you is called;
Conservative Christian, Right. By Todd Snider
They have it over at imeem, good stuff.