Thursday, June 19, 2008

Virtual Office, $26. Dow, +34.03, 12,063.09.

Me, $75 on 2800 shares traded.
Tokyo, $55 on 2201 shares traded.
OBAT, $18 on 5400 shares traded.
Timmay, -$60 on 2000 shares traded.
Denarii, -$62 on 5400 shares traded.

On a seemingly quiet day, my RO completely kicked ass. The head man (same guy all week, btw) was up $11,684, while the low man on the day lost $837. Overall, the traders were up over $30,000 on the day. Two guys accounted for $20k of that, though. Something about oil shorts. I was #14 of 25 traders today.

Anyway, for the VO, it was quiet. I studied and surfed more than I traded. I guess I won't be back at full swing, focused entirely on trading, until next week. Despite my small gain, I was very happy to break my lame 3-day losing streak.

Tomorrow look out for the quarterly expirations...

See you manana. Again, no daily post as I'm focused elsewhere. But I'll take the opportunity to post a good music video, since I made money... no more bad music.


bendg said...

Really like that you've been coming up with the p/l range for your RO. Can't figure out how the heck you manage to get all those traders to cough up their numbers every day. Definately not like any office I've been in since the good old days when anyone would tell you their p/l because everyone was printing cash every day.

Been thinking about starting my own trading blog. What does it take to qualify to join the VO?

Dinosaur Trader said...

Get me the numbers by 4pm and blog about your trades as often as possible.

I like a blogger to have a track record before joining... like, at least a month so I know you're legitimately blogging. The VO is supposed to act as a forum for exchanging ideas and to see what's working. When people blog about their trades, it helps to understand what kind of traders are having success and why.


TV107 said...

why do you trade so few shares?
what is your buying power?

even on slow days, a fulltime trader should trade 15-20 thousand shares

how are u surviving making 75 or losing 75 bucks a day

be a man and take some risks

Dinosaur Trader said...


Be a man... I'm surviving on $75 a day because of past savings from when I traded like "a man." The market structure has changed.

If you want to see my transition from a very active trader to where I'm at now, just read back in the archives.