Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Summer Songs

We've hit that time of year where it seems like it's 80 degrees and humid everyday. Naturally, there are songs that reflect this type of weather quite nicely.

Below, for your listening pleasure, I've added The Skygreen Leopards, "The Supplication of Fireflies" and The Zombies, "Beachwood Park" to my music collection. As a reminder, you can find all the music I've ever posted to this blog at my Imeem page, or, just click on the labels on the right-hand toolbar.

Anyway, any songs that remind you of summer? Put them in the comment section.

As far as trading goes, I had a decent morning and now I'm gonna go out into the sun to continue with the property clean-up while I wait for the FED numbers at 2:15pm.

My best stock of the day is JRCC, which I caught a nice short on... perhaps these 4-letter stocks will help me out afterall...

Enjoy the music.

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