Friday, May 9, 2008

Virtual Office, $2223. SPY, -0.26, $138.95.

Sanglucci, $1920 on 46,000 shares traded.
Tokyo, $394 on 1312 shares traded.
OBAT, $263 on 5800 shares traded.
Retardo, nothing.
Denarii, -$16 on 4600 shares traded.
Ainkurn, -$160 on 500 shares traded.
Me, -$178 on 10,600 shares traded.

Hey, you notice that? There's a new trader in the VO, Tokyo Trader. Ultimately, his entrance may "top tick" the VO, as I'm extremely close to canning it in it's current formation and starting it over again, in a different way. I also have another new member all ready to go... we will see.

If you're wondering why those two poor souls didn't get the normal VO welcome, it's because I'm in a horrendous mood. Even my terrific sense of humor is failing me... sigh.

I have many reasons to hate the VO right now, but not enough time to really elaborate. Just know that soon, it may disappear, or radically change. I feel like it's become a sort of "special olympics" of the stock blogging world. Not that there's anything wrong with people who participate in the special olympics.

Anyway... guess what, we set a new record for the lowest volume day of the year. What a fucked up week. My real office suffered some true damage... not "special olympics" damage either... I'm talking significant losses.

Enjoy your weekend. Don't light yourself on fire or anything... that's for me to do.



Denarii said...

+16 not -16 = check email - DT screws up his numbers on Energy matters and I guss I am the next victim

Denarii said...
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Tyro said...

Wow DT, it almost sounds like you've got a bit of a self-destructive streak in you when your mood changes.

Hopefully you pass the VO off to someone else instead of just killing it.

Attitude Trader said...


I feel ya, and you're not alone. I haven't blogged in weeks and a lot of it has to do with the crappy attitude I've had due to the crappy progress I've been making with my crappy approach to my crappy trading.

My daughter could see this, and she quoted Winston Churchill to me yesterday - of course it isn't until today that I'm appreciating it...yesterday it just served to piss me off - as it will you too...until tomorrow, but...

"Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm."

...not that we want to keep on failing, but it's about the enthusiasm (attitude?) isn't it.

Achieving consistent success in our trading REQUIRES that we adjust what's going on in our heads - how we think about trading, and everything else for that matter. It's not like a regular job where someone can skate through stuff or assert their jackass abilities to force other people to do what they want them to do - which is all about controlling the environment and not controlling themselves.

The market requires that we look at it in the right way in order to perceive what opportunities are available. It's the hardest job/work/whatever there is, and that's because it requires an enormous shift in our mental environment to be able to interact with it in ways that will give us satisfaction. That's the task before us. Acquiring this "appropriate mental perspective" is a bitch, but that's what's required.

So spend the weekend deliberately working to get your thoughts moving in directions that make you feel better emotionally about your trading and the VO - anything that will make you feel better no matter how "unrealistic" the thoughts may be. I know that you already understand this stuff, so it won't seem ridiculous to you to do it. When you've found thoughts that start making you feel better, you'll be able to make clearer decisions about things and find ways to improve what's going on with your trading and the VO.

Read (re-read?) Trading In The Zone or anything else that will get you moving toward the positive attitude that you have to have for your trading, and get your mind away from anything negative (the news, politics, neighbors with leaf blowers, uninvited rodents, bad pizza, whatever) just for the weekend and see how you feel coming into Monday.

Actually I think I wrote this as much for myself as for you. This is what I'll be doing this weekend...yes, I'm going to postpone my weekend in the Hamptons up there by you just so I can work on my attitude ;)

Keep us posted...


Bluedog said...

I was going to give you shit but AT just pumped me up. Woo hoo!! Seriously, if you want to see some inspiration check out what I just posted on my blog. Pretty crazy. Your setups looked okay. I think it was just bad luck with greater market timing.

Have a good weekend and don't kill too many bunnies.


S. said...

Tokyo Trader here - first, thanks for letting me join; I hope the VO doesn't vanish soon after (getting in at the high - story of my life!)

We all know how it feels after a losing streak. Trading is a very different occupation, and most people probably don't understand the mental pressures involved. Most jobs don't keep score during the day; you don't leave work with a plus or minus by your name as you check out. Trading does keep score - I think it's one factor that makes it so appealing to many; the 'immediate reward' factor - but since the element of uncertainty is so much higher, even good traders go through lousy streaks. Just have to keep it perspective. My better half (TTG on my blog) has had a lousy week as well, and she's going through the very same thing. She's happy I've been doing OK, but I think that secretly she'd also love to kick me...

Dinosaur Trader said...

Great comments, all.

Thanks AT, great to see you around. Your perspective is always welcome. I definitely got a little emotional this week, probably moreso because I felt that after last week I had made some progress.

I have a choppy chart right now. I thought I was in a trend, instead, I'm consolidating...

I'm gonna work on my attitude... I'll write a couple fun posts, keeping my things straight.

And welcome, TT.