Thursday, May 22, 2008

Mass Layoffs In VO Lead To Violent Protests

I mean, tens of thousands of people are being laid off from the major brokerage houses, so the VO was bound to suffer as well. Goodbye to Ainkurn, Dehtrader, Evolution and Sanglucci.

I expected some anger, some outrage, but not an angry mob of people being whipped into a frenzy by a union agitator

After this speech the VO was ripped to shreds. It may take weeks for it to be operating normally again, but we need to stick to our principles. We've been through adversity before however, and I'm confident that we'll emerge stronger.

Meanwhile, the layoffs may not be over just yet...


Jorge said...

This is the lamest protest I've ever seen.

tapeworm said...

u should start selling space in the VO Cemetery...its getting crowded, and i think that it may see even more growth in the near future

thankfully, i got in early on that one

Dinosaur Trader said...

No one is safe... "corpses everywhere." Tough times on Wall Street.


HPT said...

Everyone is dropping like flies. I suspect there is going to be a major move in the markets now that everyone is quiting. Keep plugging away DT, you are the VO's last hope.