Saturday, April 12, 2008

Your Banana Killed A Bird

(click below before you begin to read this post... it's the Robin's song)

It's spring and there's nothing better than sitting on my front stoop at sunset and listening with my daughter for Robins to sing.

"There's one!" she'll say as we hear the bird's lilting tune.

But the experience has also become bittersweet.

Because as we listen to them sing, I know that songbird populations are decreasing rapidly, and I wonder if she'll have the same opportunity to enjoy a quiet sunset with her child someday, just listening for a song in the breeze.

Don't ever get so cynical to think you can't make a difference. Every purchase you make can influence events and the decisions you make are the power you wield. Wield it well.

Maybe tomorrow when you have that cup of coffee and banana, this will give you something to think about.

And when you hear the birds singing this spring, take an extra listen.


JakeGint said...

Holy crap, this is so lame I don't even know if I can make fun of you about it...

(But let me try.... {squinches eyes, furrows forehad}....)

Keep working on this post, I think you've the early makings of an after-school special...

Dinosaur Trader said...

HAHAHAH! After school special...

I take it you're not going to go out and buy shade grown coffee.