Thursday, April 17, 2008

Tilt Session

I started the day well, with a few controlled trades in a shitty tape that had me up a few hundred bucks. Then, I ran into SLB and started giving money away. So I lost my gains and was down a few hundred. No disaster, but I should have read the warning signs.

Going from positive to negative is just never a good thing. My next trade, set me up for a real tilt.

So now I was just angry at myself. Yes, it was a complete fuckjob in that stock, but more importantly, I was down big and should have walked away to take a breath or something. Instead, I found CLF... all the metals stocks are down except for him.

I got short, stubborn, and smoked... doubling my losses.

So I'm done for the day and walking away from the computer.


wincity said...


I often read about you losing because you shorted a stock because it's moving counter to the sector. Maybe it's not very reliable?

Dinosaur Trader said...


Yeah, I'm thinking about getting away from this sector trade thing altogether... that is, trading them off one another.

Thanks, good to see you're still around.