Thursday, April 24, 2008

Sheer Lunacy

The moves in the ag names today have been nothing short of insane. Lots of prop traders are cashing in... lots of prop traders taking pain.

Which side are you on?


bloggerdotcom said...

The bigger story of the day, IMO, is that Melissa fucking Francis won't shut up with her "I'm stockpiling rice on the side to sell later" shit.

I used to be keen on her - her boobs must jiggle wonderfully when she giggles - but this "it's the damned media" and "I'm buying rice from my Chinese place" stuff has left me disappointed. I mean, she's been repeating these lines for three days straight now.

Maybe I'll get over it.

Dinosaur Trader said...


I understand your frustrations with the media... no doubt, you expect more from them. However, they're working on a different wavelength... they no longer care about being "good" or "smart" or even, "accurate," they just need to sell advertising...


Tyro said...


Aww, it's not so bad. I had a bunch of swing longs in ag & oil and they were up huge a couple days ago, now closed for less than a third but at least they were closed for a net profit. Still, it sucks to see so much paper profit disappear so quickly.

Good to see you're making some coin out of this madness.

HPT said...

Hey tyro, I had to set thru 4 days of pain on that oil bullshit. Pain is felt on both sides.
PS. Get that blog going.