Wednesday, April 30, 2008

FOMC Meeting Day

I'm gonna be taking it very easy today. I figure it's a good day to surf the web until the FED, in all its bearded wisdom, throws us a bone. So here's some reading.

  • Take a look at that sea of plastic bottles... seriously, that shit's not going away. (h/t Wallstreet Fighter)
  • Mrs. Edwards has my vote. I agree 100% with this OpEd piece.
  • Iran says "fuck Barbie," but not literally, because that would be against the Koran.
  • I hate the war and I hate its architects, but it must completely suck to be over there. Last week, a kid from my town was killed by a roadside bomb. That shit ain't right. Send the troops some support, because they're not to blame for our government's bad policy.

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