Thursday, April 10, 2008

Blogroll Update

Ragin Cajun, March 2008

In an amazing move, Ragin Cajun (notice, no link) went from being a "solid internet ally" to a dick, with one post.

You may think that I have something to lose here, but I don't, as the moment he was hired on to be a "first tier blogger" he immediately forgot his third tier roots and got incredibly stingy with his blogroll. And, of course, his blog is gayer than ever.

From now on, I will be supporting Danny's blog, over at IBC.

Danny is funny, into board sports, and introduced me to the term "FUPA," which has won me many laughs at dinner parties.


Anonymous said...

That picture is offensive

JakeGint said...

Rage might be ghey enough to be flattered by the pic.

It being from a ghey and all.

mrkcbill said...

That is gayer than the YMCA

Danny said...

yeah that is a pretty astonishing picture.

Pete said...

Thunderdome! Two bloggers enter, one blogger leaves.