Thursday, February 21, 2008

This Blog Is Clean

For a poll that was only open 6 hours or so, late at night, the vote total was impressive.

48 of you voted and 27, or 56% voted to keep the old look.

Therefore, I will respect it. The main issue with the blog is fixed... it wasn't loading correctly.

I have saved the blog. Indeed, it was quite an ordeal. Here is exclusive footage of me saving the blog last night (and no, smartass, I'm not the woman).

Meanwhile, I will continue to tweak the way this blog looks... because I'm kind of sick of it. And look at all that wasted space on the left!


DP said...

I see a 3rd column in your future.

tapeworm said...

the exits polls were obviously skewed...u had an overwhelming majority of those who "said" they liked the look...however, in the privacy of the booth, they voted the other way