Sunday, February 24, 2008

Note To Ralph Nader: Go Away!

Now, truth be told, I voted for this guy in 2000. However, since I don't live in a "swing state" I knew my vote didn't really matter anyway. I did it as a protest because I knew Bush was a nightmare and I hate Joe Lieberman (Gore's running mate in 2000).

-Ralph Nader's car, circa 2000

However, one reason why George Bush has had the opportunity to ruin our country for the last 8 years is because Gore lost Florida, where there were plenty of Nader supporters. I mean, Gore also lost his home state of Tennessee, which is ridiculous and not Nader's fault, but still...

We don't need you this time Mr. Nader. You will take votes away from Obama, effectively handing John McCain the presidency.

Do something else... like disappear.

UPDATE: Here's a link to the NY Times article about his entry into the race.


wincity said...

What's wrong about McCain? I don't follow them but seems to me both Obama and McCain are just talking heads. Wouldn't it be safer for you guys to get an older talking head?

Isn't it wrong to punish McCain just because Bush screwed you guys?

wincity said...

IMVHO, the best president is a stupid president who does nothing. Just let the system work. The problem with the idiot you have now is that he's actively stupid. Extremely active, actually.

In that sense, I feel McCain will turn out better for America than Obama.

TraderCaddy said...

Without reopening 2000 issues Gore did not deserve to win if he couldn't even carry his "home" state (IMO D.C. was actually his home state. Even big losers like Goldwater and McGovern won their home states.

Born2Code said...

Run Ralph Run. I voted for him in 2000 and in 2004. I voted for Ron Paul in 2008 primaries.

It was evident that Bush was a nightmare from the minute he opened his mouth to announce his campaign. That did not stop people from voting for him. I lost some good friends in 1999 because they thought he was such a "charming leader" and I thought he was a moron.

Bush did not win because of Nader. Bush won because 1) he wooed too many idiots, and 2) his thugs manipulated the elections enough to make a difference in close calls.

When people like Nader, Paul, Keyes and Kucinish run we gain diversity of opinion, diversity of thought process and a reminder that there are other ideas out there.
If all we do is allow people that "should have a chance" to run then soon enough we will go the way of Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union.

Diversity of thought is the foundation of democracy, without it we may as well live in a Dictatorship.

Dinosaur Trader said...


I agree. I said as much in the post.


I agree with you too re: diversity in politics, it's a necessity. I mean, I voted for Nader in 2000. But the thing is, Nader DID cause Gore to lose Florida... it was THAT close. Of course, there were other reasons why Gore ultimately lost, but Florida sticks in my head because of how it all played out.

I just don't see what Nader is bringing this time around. I don't see Obama as a corporate candidate. There seems to be more of a groundswell of support for him. Perhaps I'm making a mistake thinking that...

My sympathies are with Nader and the Nader crowd. However, my pragmatic side doesn't want to see another disaster like 2000. Meanwhile, I don't think McCain would be 1/10th as bad as Bush has been...


Bluedog said...


That's a great pic of Nader's car. He obviously spent a great deal of time working on the spoiler and rims. ;)

I agree with you on Nader as an Obama spoiler. He's running to get press, clear and simple. It's funny how he disappears between elections, but then you see him resurface again every 4 years. He's entitled to his views and he does offer some legitimate concerns; however, I'd hate to see him spoil our chance to truly make a change.


The Lonely Trader said...

My prediction is that the voting "Nader public" will abandon him this time. People are too scared of a second round of "Project for a New American Century" policies. Even though it is unlikely Nader can stop Obama from being elected, the people I talk to with their ears to the ground say that this time Nader will not get the reception his ego presumes.

And as far as Obama not being a corporate candidate?...pleeeeze.

I predicted Hillary was done two months ago, I think...and I think I even mentioned it some comments on this site. Here's two more:

1) Nader won't have a pot to piss in come general election time. Obama already sounds too much like him. (Obama is still owned, but he and the media are much better at hiding it than the other candidates.)

2) McCain loses to Obama. Period. He will self-destruct, as he has always done. He will appear strong in rhetoric at first, but at the end of the day he will be weak in his performance. He simply doesn't have the consistency of character, the stamina, the momentum, or the pearly whites. And he isn't very handsome to look at, which is how about a third of the voting public chooses anyway.

Anyone want to make a bet? I need to make back what I've lost over the last 8 days.