Monday, February 11, 2008

Morning Link-Love

And finally, masked hoodies. Anti-social or wave of the future?


Masterjaz Out said...

DT, surprised you have not posted on the 'juiceface' moves from Dow Jones. You nailed it when going to the SP500 a few weeks back. Clowns at DJ are perfect at top picking and replacing quality names with crap. CVX is out now in, third rate oil at best. They should've picked an international name if they wanted more exposure to oil. And BAC, give me a break, like we really need another financial. HON is the best 2yr performer in the group:,bac,cvx

(note MO is jacked due to the special divy and should be right up there with HON)

Oh DJ, you bunch of price-weighted, top picking, switch good for bad juicefaces. But you saw thru this and I commend you.

Masterjaz out

Anonymous said...

whoa, masterjaz is pissed!

Dinosaur Trader said...

The people who run the Dow are definitely a group of juicefaced idiots.