Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I Bank Change

Some of you may look at my recent string of small losses and small gains and think that I'm falling asleep here or something.

In truth, I feel better about trading than I have in awhile, despite the low volume in the market and my shitty P&Ls. There's definitely a weird disconnect between my recent trading (bad) and how I feel about trading in general (good).

Part of it may have to do with my immersion exercise. Part of it definitely has to do with my research schedule. And then for sure, a lot has to do with me thinking constructively about my trading instead of negatively. Also, it helps to hear guys in my real office doing well each day. There's always someone making multiple thousands of dollars.

Oh, and that shithead Momojuicing has been coaching my stupid ass... remember him?

Also, for whatever reason, I've stopped thinking month to month. Meaning, I'm not putting as much pressure on myself to make a certain number each month. Instead, I'm having a little more faith in myself that I'm going to work this shit out and be making enough money to support myself and my entire extended family again in a few months.

I didn't have any great winners today. Two of my best trades were very short scalps... trades that lasted less than 30 seconds each.

The first was in DV...

The second was in ENR...

Not exactly the types of trades that you can normally build good days around. However, when they happen and work, I'll take them. I'm much prouder of the following three trades. Trades like this are what I'm trying to build more out of right now.

First, a short in AG...

Then, a long in CNQ...

And another in CP...

Anyway, I also had a couple of losers. But the thing is, I not only know exactly what I did wrong, I was also immediately pissed at myself for doing it. Kind of like, if you ever smoked cigarettes... you know it's bad for you, but you do it anyway. Then one day, you really quit. However, you stumble after drinking too much and have a couple. You wake up the next day and feel like shit because of it. Then, you don't stumble again. In other words, mistakes like this will soon be a thing of the past.

I anticipated a break in ESI that didn't come. Instead of waiting patiently for the break, I bought in just before the breakout should have occurred and I lost a quick $200 because of it.

So that's that.

Anyway, in other DT news, this blog is almost a year old and getting close to the 100,000 unique visitor milestone (different from pageviews... remember when IBC had their platinum party because of pageviews? Gay.) I'm going to throw a Tupperware party as a celebration.

Maybe I'll have special posts too... like I'll have a few history posts fired up and ready to go. I'm not really counting on it though... with all the reading I'm doing, I haven't had any time to write.

Time will tell.

Here's the stats:
P&L, $324
Best, DV, $191
Worst, ESI, -$290

21,400 shares traded.
10 winners, 9 losers.

NOTE: I'm going to fuck with the layout of this blog a little to see if I can get it to load properly again... not sure what the deal is.


Bubs said...

About time you get a real domain screw the

Rob said...

Hah, i have a funny one...i thought it would be neat to try scalping aapl today in my retail account...neat it was...746$ in commisions and $1958 in losses later i checked that off my list of "things never to do again." I equate it to clearing a 3 foot bong in front of your kids to teach them that weed is bad.

Dinosaur Trader said...


The bong idea though... that's not so bad.


Anonymous said...

"When Genius Fails" would not be an accurate title for my autobiography.