Tuesday, February 19, 2008

How Quickly I Devolve

Normally, with Judy and my daughter home at this time I would be sitting down to eat a nice, balanced meal. After that nutritious meal, I'd play "store" or "restaurant" with my daughter before reading her a few books and singing her to sleep.

I had high expectations about how I'd spend my time alone tonight. Here's what I've done...

For dinner I had cold pizza and beer. While I was eating dinner, I watched videos of people getting "owned" on break. Many of these videos involved exercise balls. After that, I watched all the "Anchorman" videos I could find on Youtube. Unfortunately, the famous scene of Baxter getting punted off the bridge isn't available. Here is a sped up version.

"Well guess what? Now this is happening.... that's how I roll."


Attitude Trader said...

Ah yes, the hours upon hours of playing store & restaurant with a daughter. You'll go through four or five toy cash registers before you have to step up to the real one from OfficeMax. That's what happened to us anyway.

You can try to enjoy those infrequent times to yourself, but good luck. She'll continue to get further under your skin until you don't know what to do with yourself if you're not doing something related to her life.

Ours is going away to college next year...wonder what life will be like after that...

Enjoy your evening,


Rob said...

next thing you know you will be walking around the house naked and masturbating to internet porn.

Ragin' Cajun said...

waiting for your pick

Dinosaur Trader said...


Always enjoy your comments, thanks.

Rob, Thankfully, my steamy hot book on Economics kept my attention after this post.

Ragin, I'll see what I can do.