Saturday, February 9, 2008

Barack Takes The Virgin Islands

Time to bow out, Hillary.

As go the Virgin Islands, so goes America.

He's speaking right now... I'll get the video up when it becomes available.

NOTE: This is a lackluster speech, IMO. He set a high standard for himself with the "Yes We Can" speech. He sounds somewhat terrestrial tonight. He's repeating a lot of the elements of his recent speeches and not breaking any new ground. For his campaign to keep its momentum, I think he needs to keep on breaking new ground.

The "hopemonger" line was pure gold though...


The Lonely Trader said...

Nope. Like McCain, he can fall in his face at this point and still rack up delegates, as one pundit put it earlier this morning (or evening, depending on your time zone). It's done. My choice has just become a lot easier.

JJ said...

Dino, why do you like Barack so much? What has he done besides talking the sweet talk (much like Bush did)? Or is just being a fresh face in Washington the most important thing?

Dinosaur Trader said...

Whoa... JJ... Bush talk the "sweet talk?" Please. How Bush was ever elected still completely baffles me. I was not once impressed by ONE thing that Bush has ever said. McCain on the other hand, I nearly supported in 2000 and I'll consider him again should Hillary be the Democratic candidate.

Why I like Barack over Hillary (I won't get into the general election right now) is that I feel she will never be able to convert voters other than hardcore Democrats. People already like her or hate her. So in the general election, she's not going to win one red state. The Democrats need a candidate who can win over Independents and young voters. I don't think Hillary can do that.

On the issues, Hillary and Barack are largely the same. However, I'm very against a mandated health care system and I feel Hillary showed no leadership at all going into the Iraq war. Since the Iraq war has largely divided our country and been a useless gamble in the war on terror I cannot forgive her that complete lack of judgement.


The Lonely Trader said...

And so would you forgive McCain today, then?

Dinosaur Trader said...


I guess I hold him to lower expectations because I never really subscribed to any of his recent views.

If I'm looking to someone to be my "leader" than I'll hold them to very high standards. I never really saw McCain in that light.

I'll have to do more research about him now that it appears he's going to be the candidate. He's different now than he was in 2000, as is the world.


The Lonely Trader said...

Well I can tell you this: He voted more times as a senior elected official than Obama did in his first term. No comparison there. Although I'm not happy at all at the prospect of having McCain in the big O.O., he does at least have a decent track record to make a reasonable decision from...even if it is a NO vote. I'm just pissed that I'm being asked once again to choose between the lesser of two mediocrities.

The Lonely Trader said...

I should qualify that by saying "political mediocrities". I'm sure they are fine people in their personal lives...except that part where someone thinks they can miss 40% of the votes in their first term as Senator. That really pisses me off. That's a matter of personal and professional integrity for me.

Bluedog said...

BO just picked up 9 more delegates from the USVI. Cha-ching!!!