Friday, January 25, 2008

Virtual Office, $4196. Dow, -171.44, 12,207.17.

Dehtrader, $1372 on 3100 shares traded.
Evolution, $1122 on 82,800 shares traded.
Me, $817 on 14,000 shares traded.
Sanglucci, $538 on 11,800 shares traded.
OBAT, $187 on 8700 shares traded.
Denarii, $90 on 1800 shares traded.
Wincity, $70 on 100 shares traded.

Aw, look at that... it's like, the Virtual Office feel good edition.

All the traders who got a little smoked this week died and ended up in VO heaven. Meanwhile, everyone else finished green too. Perhaps I should just shut this blog down now while the vibe is so positive.

Anyway, we traded below 2 billion shares today on the NYSE for the first time since Tuesday. However, due to a mid-afternoon selloff, the VIX ticked up again, to 29.11. Good stuff.

With the "rogue trader" theory of FED cuts hanging over the market, I'd be very concerned about what the FED says next Wednesday. The volatility is here to stay right now. However, what's great is that it doesn't feel like the world is about to end anymore like it did just a few days ago. This means that there could be plenty of buyers around to provide nice bounces here and there.

I have no plans this weekend so I'll have more weekend posts than normal. Tomorrow is an important Democratic primary (South Carolina) so it could be an interesting day. Please stop by.

Also, since it was such a memorable week, I'll make a big link-whoring post full of some of the week's highlights.


tapeworm said...

did u have a few dropouts from the VO, or did they just not trade

what kind of pussy can't handle the heat of the VO? that's right - me!

Dinosaur Trader said...

We have 3 guys on vacation right now...

We should be back to full staff by first week of February or I'll have to start firing people.


Glenn said...

wtf is a vacation?

Dinosaur Trader said...


I know! Retardo is in China for a month, Akalawoo is in Malaysia, and Misstrade is in exotic Santa Barbara...

I'm in my kitchen.

We have a very worldly VO...