Thursday, January 10, 2008

An Oldy But Goody

Man, after reading this post I wrote back in April 2007, I remembered that day perfectly.


Meanwhile, the VO will be a little late today as I have to pick my daughter up at 4pm from a friend's house.

It should be up by 5pm. Apologies.


al said...

excellent story!! you have a way of crafting the events that keep one reading!! keep it up.. and of course much success in trading!!


Jawbreaker said...

You can cross the writers picket line, become a "Scab" and write for Leno & Lederman. You would awesome. -t

Dinosaur Trader said...

Thanks guys.

I'd love to cross the picket line.

Fuck those damn greedy writers!

If they want to make money, perhaps they should be stock traders...