Thursday, January 17, 2008

Morning Stock Research

If you've been following along, "the Fly" has been dead on with his market calls over the last month or so.

Still, don't forget his botched calls on ARWR or WGAT.

Anyway, he's been pushing DUG recently as a way to get short oil. If the Cambridge Energy Research Associates are correct, there may be another reason to get short oil. Increased production. Their assertion is detailed in the rather dry, but informative video below.

And below are some other interesting news stories I found today.

Bernanke will testify before Congress today, starting at 10:00am.

Drug Companies Overstate Effectiveness of Antidepressants. Depressing...

The vultures are circling. JPM looking to make a big acquisition?

Merrill Earnings Report Torpedoes Futures Market

1 comment:

Bluedog said...

Nice video, DT.

I'm using airlines as an oil hedge vs. shorting directly. Even if oil does not correct, we have a merger and value play.