Friday, December 14, 2007

Weekend Open Thread

I'll be waking at 4am to go owling tomorrow for my local CBC, so I'm posting this Open Thread a little early.

Eastern screech-owl, red-morph. Photo courtesy of the Raptor Trust, New Jersey

Now is a great time of year to go owling. Next time there's a full moon, check with your local Audubon Society chapter and see if they're planning an owling trip. It's something that you won't forget.


bloggerdotcom said...

Now that is the raddest thing I've heard someone do lately.

Owls & octopus - my two favorite animals.


HPT said...

Have fun DT.

mrkcbill said...

I have an owl in my backyard. Never seen it but I love the sounds.

Skyb0x said...

We have an owl that we listen to on our porch late at night. It's hangs out in the oak tree across the street. Awesome birds.

Glenn said...

We have two owls, they like to bug my dog.

Dinosaur Trader said...

Do you guys know what type of owls? That's great you have them in your backyard. We sometimes have a screech-owl, like the one posted, but rarely.

Today I saw 6 screech owls and 1 great horned owl. Really cool.


Bluedog said...

I saved a barn owl in Italy once. A farmer had shot it in the wing and it was flapping around under a cabin. I crawled under, bagged it with a pillow case, and brought it to the local Neapolitan Sierra Club. They saved it, although they had to amputate the wing. It's now an ambassador bird for the kids to see and learn about.

Good luck! I hope you find some owls.


Dinosaur Trader said...


Wow, good stuff! I've never seen a Barn Owl in the wild. There's one at a nearby animal rebabilitation place, but that doesn't really count. They have a crazy call, Barn Owls, the kind of call I wouldn't want to hear in the middle of the night.


KC Equity Trader said...

You boys really know how to make a suburban from KC feel like a New York City slicker. Just houses with backyards without owls.

Dinosaur Trader said...


Well, owls need woodlands. They won't hang around an area if it doesn't have the proper habitat.

I bet if there's a state park or something nearby with acres of trees you'd find some.


bloggerdotcom said...

Check this out:

Woodshedder said...

DT- I have wings from two owls- a Bard Owl, and from a smaller one whose name I can't remember. Both were road-kill. For a time, I did crazy stuff like that. You know, cutting wings off birds. Coincided with the time when I was harvesting Emu.

Also have the feet and talons. Good stuff.

We also have a great horned owl that lives in our neighborhood, which we hear regularly.

Other all that, Owling is definitely the gayest thing I've ever heard of anyone doing, easily, in the last 6 months.

JakeGint said...

Pretty fucktarded is right.

Dinosaur Trader said...

Oh yeah, all you IBC guys were probably sleeping off your "rich man's whisky" hangovers while I was out in the middle of a forest in the bitter cold.

And I'm the "gay" one.

You boys are soft.