Thursday, December 20, 2007

Virtual Office, $2033. Dow, +38.37, 13,245.64

Evolution, $1715 on 56,000 shares traded.
OBAT, $585 on 11,600 shares traded.
Retard, $408 on 6 contracts traded.
Denarii, $18 on 200 shares traded.
Me, no trades.
Misstrade, no trades.
Akalawoo, -$27 on 1 contract traded.
Dehtrader, -$199 on 3500 shares traded.
Sanglucci, -$467 on 11,698 shares traded.

Damn, it's like Evolution and OBAT are the big bullies of the VO suddenly.

Rumor has it that yesterday there was some confrontation over by the watercooler between OBAT and Sanglucci. Something about the old volatility mascot "Clarence." Apparently, he's still a divisive figure.

Anyway, it appears Sanglucci has been seriously shaken by said confrontation while OBAT just keeps getting stronger.

Retard has been hanging around Evolution and OBAT trying to gain favor... however, as yet he is merely a yes man. Yesterday, I caught him parking Evolution's new sport car... humble times indeed.

Denarii and Akalawoo keep their own counsel. They're the quiet guys lately. Rumor has it that they're doing a "raw foods" diet together or something like that...

Meanwhile people have been giving Dehtrader wide berth. He's had a rough month (you're not the only one man... keep the chin up) and he's put people through walls before... best to wait until he starts stringing the green days together again before saying much.

Wincity, is AWOL.

Finally, I've taken to hanging outside the VO and begging for spare change while Misstrade was last seen flying over the city in his private jet.

Oh, and we traded under 1.4 billion on the NYSE today while the VIX dropped over a point, to 20.58.


HPT said...

Evo's Killin it. Way to go Bro.

Glenn said...

Thanks as always for doing the VO every damn day DT, I think people enjoy it. You do a great job.

Sanglucci said...

Christ... now that you ain't gotta job u got more time to come up with that bullshit all day huh??? haha what up DT

Attitude Trader said...

Heck yeah we enjoy it. I'm actually thinking you (DT) should stop trading and just commentate on the VO'ers and provide us with your history stories. Your writing seems to be even more colorful and hilarious when you're not trading.

Did you get to spend some more time with your daughter again today? I did...priceless.

Thanks for being the glue that keeps this sick yet homey place together.


Edwin said...

Thanks HPT. Just wanted to let everyone know I'm done for the year, have a good holiday vacation!

Dinosaur Trader said...

Aw shucks... glad you guys enjoy it.

Unfortunately, I'm a bit downtrodden with a cold and piles of paperwork to fill out to transfer to the new firm. Hence, I haven't had much time to be creative.

As for spending time with my daughter AT, we were together the whole second half of the day since Judy had another class to teach. We just finished some spaghetti.

Good times even if I'm in transistion.


Bluedog said...

Nice AH action in RIMM!! Woo hoo!!

Also, did you see the IPO "N" today? Unreal. Some serious money could have been made during the gradual afternoon climb from $26 to $35.


Jawbreaker said...

DT, I really enjoy your blog my friend. Its a great mix of valuable market info and some light humor to change stuff up. LMK when your book hits Amazon and i will order a few copies for myself & friends. BTW, i have been using Trade station for futures trading recently and iam very pleased with my results. Anyone have any insight to successful futures trading? Iam kind of new to that game and i would appreciate any tips. thanks DT. -tony

Rudy said...

DT: Whimsical humor. Love it!. Rudy

Woodshedder said...

DT- what do you make of the falling VXN and VIX? Obviously, that will be good for a Santa Rally, but beyond December, what will it mean?

If traders aren't buying as many puts, and the indexes turn again, it may be that there will not be as many bids from shorts to keep it from retesting Aug. lows.

Whaddaya think?

Dinosaur Trader said...


Well, that's an interesting thought. Less people short who have to buy back positions could create a free-for-all type of situation I guess. People who wanted to "get out of the market" would basically only be selling to people who thought the market was a buy here... and not many people buy into fear. Professionals maybe... but not your average shithead.

However, taking a look at the monthly VIX chart, I feel that 20 is a big number... kind of like the line in the sand.

I think VIX will rebound in January.

I think those first few weeks of January will be big. I'm bearish on them, but I'm interested in watching them play out no matter what happens.