Saturday, December 29, 2007

Best Blog Posts Of 2007

Quick note to my fellow "stock market" bloggers.

Email me your favorite blog post from 2007 that you wrote by Monday and I will create a link-whoring end of year post with the best posts of 2007 as chosen by you.

Meanwhile, I'm stealing this idea. But since we're in different blogging realms, (he political, me "stock market-rific") I figure he won't care.

Besides, I'm a third-tier blogger... we steal shit. It's part of our nature.

NOTE: While emailing everyone on my blogroll, I noticed that Dummyspots has disappeared. That's too bad but I look forward to his new venture. He's an excellent writer.


HPT said...

your third tier blog post was one of my favs.

Dinosaur Trader said...


Thanks. Send me the best post that YOU wrote.

I'm going to make a big end of year post. I guarantee it brings you 3 clicks or your money back.


tapeworm said...

DT: check this out...the ramones wrote a song about maria shit, its in her bio

don't ask me why i'm reading maria's bio at 11pm on a saturday night

jerk on (H/T: denarii)

Dinosaur Trader said...

To be perfectly honest, I admit to liking the "early Maria."

She seemed to have a better sense of humor back then...

I'll find that song and post it.



tapeworm said...


i see u didn't respond to the "jerk on" comment...everytime i see "jog on," and now "crack on," i think of that

jerk on

Jon Swift said...

Steal away. The more the merrier. I hope more people do this. And thanks for the link. A link wipes away all sin.

Dinosaur Trader said...

Mr. Swift,

I figured you'd be cool with it, given your name and all. I mean, that's not really you in that picture, is it?

Anyway, great idea.



Bubs said...

What if all the content on your blog was orginally written by someone else?

Dinosaur Trader said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dinosaur Trader said...


No problem. Third tier bloggers welcome here, you know that.