Monday, October 15, 2007

Radiohead's"In Rainbows" Reviewed By Pitchfork

Why bother even trying to write record reviews when you have these guys? I can't remember the last time I disagreed with them.

At this point, I trust their judgement so much that if they rate an album over 9 I just go out and buy it. That's how in line I am with them.

Now if only there was a stock blogger out there making calls that were as trustworthy...

Here's a beautiful song that they mention in the review.

And here's another article about them in The Times. (h/t Denarii)


Denarii said...

Dino - did you read the NYT article about Radiohead. You could down load the record even if you put in an amount of 0.0. Many people put in amounts over $20 and the avg was $8. Bottom line is - they may had made more money doing this way - nuts

Dinosaur Trader said...


You read that left-leaning rag? :)

My Dad actually told me about the article but I haven't gotten to it yet. I paid $8 myself.

I guess I'm just average...