Tuesday, October 30, 2007

NYSE Trying To Bring Back Big Block Trading

And in time they will realize that 1x1 bids and asks that update 10 times per second isn't a good idea either... here's the article from the WSJ.

And Mr. Neiderhaur, this quote kind of bugged me... "The market structure we've ended up with is great for trading, but it's not great for investing." I don't know one trader who prefers the hybrid to the old way of trading.

So I'd like to change your quote to "The market structure we've ended up with isn't great for trading, and it's not great for investing.... so we kind of fucked up there."


OBAT said...

That would be a great thing if we can tape read again.

Jawbreaker said...

How about just bringing back trading in general?? that would be cool.