Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Drive XV

Stereogum has followed up on the success of their tribute to the Radiohead album OK Computer by releasing a tribute to the 15th anniversary of REM's "Automatic For The People."

Man, I can't believe it's been 15 years!

you should see the drive xv player here if you have flash

My favorite covers are "Try Not To Breathe," "Sweetness Follows," "Ignoreland," "Star Me Kitten," and "Man On The Moon." The worst cover, and I mean, and I think it's embarrassingly bad, is the Meat Puppets cover of Everybody Hurts. Maybe it's just because if I have to listen to that song one more time I'll cut my ears off and send them to Michael Stipe... but it was like they weren't even trying.

Pretty much after REM released "Automatic For The People" I stopped following them, but that album is great.

Enjoy the covers. You can stream them on the player above, or visit Stereogum and download them for free.

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