Monday, September 24, 2007

Who Loves The Sun?

I'm going to make this quick, because I'm still really pissed about what I just did to torpedo my day and I just want to get away from the computer.

A lot of my trades come from sectors. For example, I see all the fertilizer stocks on the move and I buy the laggard, or a sell the leader. Often, these trades will work (on a short time frame) and you can book decent profits this way.

However, now and then, you get smacked with this style.

I was up nicely at noon when I decided to head out for lunch and take a breather. I brought my board to the shop to get a fresh ding repaired and then I came back to look at the market at 2:45. All of my shorts from the morning (CF, LDK) worked like charms but I was already out of my positions.

I was pissed that I missed the sell off.

So I scanned around and saw that all the solar stocks reversed. Except TSL. So I started getting short into what I saw a little "squeeze" just after 3pm between $54 and $55. To make a long story short, TSL simply wasn't following the rest of the solars down. He kept going up and I got squeezed.

To make matters worse, I was trading this thin stock with too many shares. So, I completely blew up in the last hour of the day, wiping out all of my gains and starting the week with a bad one.

Here's the stats:

P&L, -$818
Best, LDK, $573
Worst, TSL,

46,000 shares traded.
7 winners, 13 losers
170 trades.


Bluedog said...

Sorry to hear about your day, DT. That really sucks TSL wiped out your gains. The bastard!!!

If it helps you feel better, I had a very frustrating day, too. Won on all my papertrades; lost on all my real trades! Arrg!!!


Dinosaur Trader said...


Yeah, I was a little pissed at 4, but now it's 7 and I'm over it.

Back for more fun tomorrow. Just lost my perspective there for a bit.


TV107 said...

LDK has screwed me all week short.

i needed the buying power so closed out my LDK short with minor gain after being 2.4 bucks out of the money

missed 4 bucks on the downside

cant believe it

Dinosaur Trader said...


Yeah, LDK was one of the stocks that I came back to after lunch and was really bummed about missing.

I mean, this has been the story of my trading for September. I caught about 70 cents in a short for 10 minutes right after the open, but I misssed the 6 point move of the afternoon.

This is the way it goes sometimes.

Thanks for writing,