Friday, September 21, 2007

Dinosaur Comic

Hattip, Denarii.

investment bankers won't talk to me anymore.

You can check the comic in full size here.

Here's what the panels say:

Panel 1: I have an extra $50 that I have saved. I believe I will put it in my bank account!

Panel 2: No, T-Rex. That is a bad idea. (T-REX says) Explain!

Panel 3: If you leave money in your bank account it gets interest but if it's not as much as inflation, you're actually losing money plus your investments could be making more on the stock market. (T-REX says) Fine! I'll invest my stupid $50 in the stupid stock market. Okay? Happy? I'll invest my $50 in a company that makes neckties for underachieving dogs.

Panel 4: But before you do that, T-Rex, you should consider your investment goals! (T-REX says) Man!

Panel 5: Seriously! This is important. You need to decide: what do you want out of your invesments? Security? Rapid growth? (T-REX says) Listen, all I want out of life is for my bank account to have $58,008 dollars in it, so that when I read my statement upside down it says, "BOOBS."

Panel 6: Worst answer to "What do you want out of your investments?" question. Today's Champion.

NOTE: After getting smoked right off the open, I made it back and clawed my way into the green. I think I'm done for the week. Also, I added TSL to my swing account today at $50.11.

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