Friday, August 24, 2007

Virtual Office, $1202. Dow, +142.99, 13378.87.

Evolution, $1315 on 30,400 shares traded.
Denarii, $95 on 1400 shares traded.
Me, $19 on 2400 shares traded.
Bubs, $13 on 800 shares traded.
OBAT, -$240 on 5094 shares traded.

My goodness! I can't believe the Dow was up so big.

The Bulls apparently are not the ones vacationing in the Hamptons this summer. They are at work bidding up stocks on no volume while the Bears are sipping Corona's on the beach.

I tell you what... I think the Bears are getting good and rested. Once the volume comes back into this market I don't think it will be to the upside.

Anyway, Evolution decided he wanted to make some money today. He's been on a great streak and it's great to see because for a while he was on the rocks. Congrats ET.

Meanwhile, since I barely traded today I won't be posting a daily. See you Monday!


JJ2000426 said...

Still no one interested in SWC? Gained 7.5% today. I have one day paper gain that Evolution probably will take more than two month to catch up.

There are good reasons that I am willing to bet more than 75% on this one stock SWC. I would have wanted 100% on SWC but that would be considered insane. 75% is still a calculated risk I am willing to take.

No one reads my blog discussions?

Dinosaur Trader said...


C'mon man you were recommending this thing when it was $12... it's a $9 stock right now. You were calling a bottom at $11, at $10, at $9 and then at $8.

Read Evolution's blog. He has a plan everyday and he trades it so he makes good money.

Betting all your money on one stock isn't really much of a plan that I would recommend to anyone.


JJ2000426 said...


Warren Buffet started his stock investing career by betting ALL his money on one single near bankrupt company Called Berkshire Hathaway. He spent all the money he had, acquired the textile company and re-organized it and turned it into a cash caw. Using the meager cash flow generated by this textile company he then acquired GEICO. The cash flow from GEICO then allowed him to acquire something even bigger and generate even more cash flow. It eventually grow into a huge empire. But everything was hatched from a tiny egg called Berkshire Hathaway, the bankrupt textile company.

I have studied palladium and SWC in so much effort, that I feel completely comfortable betting 75% of my asset in this one company which is going to make huge amount of money. Eventually I am going to diversify. But for now, quote what Warren Buffet: if you know what you are buying, there is no need to diversify.

Don't you want to spend a little bit time study the future demand of PGM metals and find out about SWC?

Dinosaur Trader said...


I knew you reminded me of someone... why I didn't think Warren Buffet sooner is beyond me.