Wednesday, August 29, 2007

A New Virtual Office Member

We welcome "tapeworm" of Wallstreak and MovetheMarkets fame over to our Virtual Office today.

This worm contacted me a couple of weeks ago about joining the VO. At first, I turned him down because he is a lowly futures trader. I said we already had a "token" futures trader, HPT. However, after watching him post his numbers all alone everyday over at MtM, and after exchanging a few emails, I took pity on him.

Will the VO ever be the same? I doubt it. If I ever start talking about "R" on my site, you'll know the end is nigh.

Meanwhile you may be asking, why sign up another futures trader isn't your site about stock trading? Well, the answer to this question goes something like this... I keep these future traders on a short leash. Should we get a few more stock traders posting their stats here everyday, they will be the first to go. I think I can handle up to 10 traders total... Plus, I charge futures traders 10% of their daily take...

Every site needs a whipping boy. "The Fly" has Slope of Hope, Ducati has "the Fly" and I have futures traders.

NOTE: The Virtual Office post may be late today. Again, everything will be back to normal here after Labor Day. Until then, expect "service disruptions."

NOTE #2: You will no longer see the MtM link under my links. It is now listed under the name "Tapeworm" by the Virtual Office.


Bubs said...

I need a good kick to the face the way I have been trading lately.

Prospectus said...

There shall be R's raining from the sky when I'm done with you!

tapeworm said...

there is a 65% chance of me blowing up by year's end, so that should open up a spot for a stock trader...btw, please waive the 10% fee on losing days, since they can be quite large

Dinosaur Trader said...


No one in the VO blows up. It's a historical fact.