Saturday, August 25, 2007

Hannah Takes The Stairs

I don't watch a lot of movies but most people seem to love them. The movies I do like, most people don't. So, for my entire life if I'm hanging out with 2 other people and they start talking about movies I've been forced to do something silly like, say something completely random or pretend to care.

Anyway, so we just watched this movie "Hannah Takes The Stairs" that I thought was really impressive. We knew nothing about it, we just picked it off of the "On Demand" menu because the trailer looked interesting.

The writing was great and the acting was almost so real that it made me feel like a voyeur (it helps that people are dressing and undressing throughout the movie and that they're very normal looking bodies). It was completely different than anything I've seen. Just make sure you get through the first 10 minutes or so... or whenever the first break-up scene is. That's when it hooked me.

So anyway, I'm not going to say you should see it or anything because I have the feeling that it may not suit most people. However, here's the trailer. If you're in the mood for a slightly serious minded movie and you don't want to see beautiful people or things blow up or blood, check it out.

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mOOm said...

Looks like the kind of movie I'd like... there were some other good trailers popping up when that one was done.