Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Freaky Hybrid Trade Of The Day! JLL!

My oh my... take a look at that. The stock opened on a print of 12,400 shares at 103.55. Exactly 200 shares later it was trading down over a point. 200 shares move a stock over a point? Let me repeat that... 200 shares moved a stock that trades over a million shares a day a FULL POINT!

C'mon! Fix the damn hybrid market already! That shit just shouldn't happen! Please, let Ray know about this... okay, I'll let him know. But be sure to stop by his site and let him know that traders just don't like this stuff. Really, the only way they're going to fix this stuff is if they hear from you. Please be polite.

Meanwhile, the stock trades straight down 3 points on no volume and then straight back up 3 points on no volume. Why? Ray, can one of your hybrid builders come comment on this and let us know why trades like this are possible? This is not how an orderly market operates.

Runner up, RWT.

Stock trades up over 2 points on no volume at the open and then crashes 2 points 10 minutes later on equally low volume... sigh... Also, check that action after the Fed call yesterday. Movement like that would be good, if it made sense. However, without bids and asks to help guide a trader it's really nothing but a momentum gamble. However people should be encouraged to trade the market, not gamble on it. The Hybrid Market is turning stock trading into a dice roll. Not cool.

FLASH: Erin is lighting Maria up in my new poll...

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