Thursday, August 2, 2007

Daily Show Does Subprime

Good stuff.

Hopefully, when I figure out that I've failed as a trader I can try and fail as a writer for The Daily Show. That's my dream really... to be a failed comedy writer. Ahhh.....

NOTE: I won't be here in the early morning... waves too damn good to do research. Instead I will be surfing. So I plan on getting to my "desk" at 9:15am, taking a glance at the futures and firing off a bunch of orders pre-market. I will then close all of these orders out at 9:40 and start a book I've recently purchased about "losing your ego."

You see, that's the beauty of the money I made these last couple of weeks. Now I can afford to buy books. Because I plan on being poor again in the near future I am stocking up on books about spirituality. This way, even if I am poor I will be spiritually superior to you, "Rich Wall Street Man."


artha said...

That was a funny clip. "Ghetto Judo".. LOL.

I'd like to see a skit of your initial meeting with that manic prop firm manager Peter. Who can play him? The Fly? :-)

Dinosaur Trader said...


Actually, based on "the Fly's" writing style, they may be somewhat similar...

However, "the Fly" may just be a suburban housewife with a wicked imagination... we'll never know.


Jawbreaker said...

Where do you surf DT? Jersey shore or Long Island? -Tony Dey

Dinosaur Trader said...


I'll shoot you an email offline.